1. You should consider making the title of the post larger than the username, since that is what you want to see?

  2. Paul Dirac · · Reply

    agree, switch title for username

  3. I’m sure everybody is going to complain if it is not iPad compatible. Looks cool though.

    1. iPad will be supported in future versions.

  4. Iphonesrgod · · Reply

    Some feedback: Add settings for just about everything, show votes, names, timestamp, thumbnails. I really like the black/orange and the simplicity.

    1. Yes, there are settings.

  5. Patrick · · Reply

    While the Grey/Orange them is ok… could you make some options like Dark/Orange, Dark/Green, Dark/Blue, Light/Blue, Light/Red etc.

  6. I’ve waited ever so impatiently for iOS 7, and now it’s here! When can I try your app?

    1. Hello Bry, Apple is currently reviewing the app. There will be several posts on Reddit, when OJ is released.

      Dwizzy Lion

  7. I like the share for night mode but I’d like for it to save when I leave and come back to the app. Also, it’s not clear that you have to shake to change this. I would add settings at the bottom of the “Me” page. I really like how the links open on the same page as the post though. And awesome choices for the navigation bar. I love alien blue but never liked their bottom nav. Neither seems to have a place for favorite subreddits though. That would be grreat. :)

  8. Kerry (Creator of YourAppReport.com) · · Reply


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  9. Hey man, beautiful!!

    3 things:
    Full screen!!!
    Comments in app (I know you promised it)
    Usernames don’t have to be so huge
    Thank you very much though, it’s amazing.

  10. Addition to full screen request: the title and nav bars can disappear when scrolling down like in iOS 7 Safari.

  11. Please add the ability to:

    A) have that drop down menu ( the one that is displayed by default when you click on a post) have an option where it is instead left minimized by default

    B) the ability to make the titles bold text and the username regular font.

    I understand the second one is kinda a big change but we care about a title of a post more then the person who posted it. That’s why I just suggest making it an available setting, please email me back if there’s anything you can/can’t do! Thanks!

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